Refugee lobbying group, RCUSA, is a mystery, promotes secrecy

Just another leftist anti-American group that needs to be drained from the Washington DC swamp.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Yesterday I told you more about the Refugee Council USAand how they are pumping out information to an uninformed media/public all of it aimed at making the President look as mean-spirited as possible.

RCUSA-300x300 Any legal eagles out there interested in finding out more about its corporate structure and the finances behind RCUSA? Sure hope none of your taxpayer dollars are ‘finding their way’ to RCUSA!

Knowledge is power!

This may get into the weeds for some readers, but it’s important to understand how the refugee industry works and so I encourage you all to dig deeper (wherever you live) if you ever want to see the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program either abolished or reformed.

***Update*** Check out that RCUSA has a state by state report here.

You’ve seen me write often that the Refugee Council USA (RCUSA)is a consortium including all nine of the federal refugee contractors***…

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