US Catholic Bishops received over $95 million from US taxpayers in 2016 for refugee/migrant care

$95,000,000, folks, and that taxpayer money went to just ONE of the NINE national SCAM agencies in ONE year.
How long are we going to allow these SCAMMERS to operate, not only to SCAM the taxpayers but using Christian words in their titles to fool us into believing they do their work because they are good, God-fearing people?
They aren’t.
They do it for the big money!
They are liberals in bed with the elitist one-world government people.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Yesterday we reported on the Bishop’s 2014 dollars received from the US Treasury, see here.


Now, thanks to reader Joanne (who did some digging!) we see that the USCCB is approaching $100 million federal dollars for their ‘charitable good works’ on behalf of immigrants of all stripes.

Unfortunately, this data doesn’t show us the percentage of private money raised for their migration program, but I suspect it isn’t much more than 3% of their overall migration budget as it was in 2014.

Buried in the USCCB Financial Statement and audit reports, here:

USCCB 2016 funds

See my archive on the USCCB by clicking here.

My goal is to get the Bishops to admit in media reports that they are being paid handsomely for their good works!

If you are Catholic and looking for something to do, ask your local priest if he is aware of all these millions of federal dollars…

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