IRC’s Miliband: our organization’s very existence is being threatened

This a-hole, David Milibrand, CEO of International Rescue Committee, pulls in $600,000/ year of your money.
That’s right, folks, that’s SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND American taxpayer money per year, just for being CEO.
Look at the name, “Rescue” as if they are doing a real humanitarian thing. They aren’t. They’re doing it for the money and get paid for every “refugee” head the secretly place in your town–that’s right! Quite often “SECRETLY!” They don’t want you to know because not only are they paid money from federal taxes, but the local community will now be saddled with welfare, school, translations, ETCETERA!
This guy should go back to his own damn country!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

David Miliband the king Miliband in The Guardian when he lost a bid to be the head of the UK Labor Party to his brother “Red Ed.” He subsequently took the sweet gig in Manhattan with the IRC. Photo and story:

According to a global development news site’s interview with David Miliband, CEO of the giant International Rescue Committee (one of the nine contractors*** which place refugees in your towns), Miliband is worried for the future of his organization and presumably the refugee industry in general.

Not just for one year, or four years but going forward.

He doesn’t say it explicitly but what has happened over the last ten years is a gradual erosion of a feel good reaction by the general public (around the world!) when they hear the word “refugee” making it harder to sell resettlement almost anywhere.

Why the “backlash?”  Whose fault is that?

It is Miliband’s fault, and others…

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