Flight glitch causes some delay as Australia’s rejected ‘refugees’ head to US

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Just what America wants–more muslim “refugees.” the women in muslim countries (who experienced FGM as children) become nothing but baby factories, and this is exactly why muslim countries are boiling over with way too many people.
Then there’s the other thing: inbreeding for 1400 years, meaning many (if not most) of those people are not only mentally retarded but angry and jealous of people living in civilized countries.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

More information about yesterday’s news.

Secrecy continues….

Which of these men is coming to your town?

manus-island-refugees-1-960x540 ‘Refugees’ who attempted to break in to Australia were detained on Manus Island. Some are on flights to American towns and cities. Photo: https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/2017/11/13/manus-island-refugees-asylum-seekers/

Perhaps the most telling bit ofthis whole story at SBS Newsis the last line:

The transfers have been challenging for journalists to cover, with American, Australian and United Nations’ authorities refusing to confirm or deny the flights.

If this is such a good and humanitarian thing, why is it being kept from you?

We do, however, learn a few more nuggets from this latest report on the illegitimate ‘refugees.’

Besides one headed to Elizabeth, NJ, another young Muslim man (that Australia did not permit to come to its mainland) is headed to Knoxville, TN where he wants to study about human rights (will we see him out protesting…

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