Mastercard and US State Department leaders in enhancing digital communication for refugees around the world

And again, this post of truth:

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This is something to watch.  The cynic in me says this is about creating more political pressure from refugees on world governments as the flow of migrants will increase in coming years.

Kind of like those detainees with their digital agitation from inside the camps to keep up political pressure on Australia, see earlier post.

And, it is about Mastercardgetting in on the ground level for the redistribution of wealth from the first world to the third world.  Already there are plans to send money directly to refugees (maybe more than plans) and how handy would it be to do it through a credit card.

Forget the humanitarian mumbo-jumbo….

The refugee industry is a big (global) business!

Refugee camps will become digital communities says FinExtra.

Chobani at Davos Globalist Hamdi Ulukaya, Mr. Chobani Yogurt, is cooking up the redistribution schemes at Davos through his Tent Foundation.

Mastercard and…

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