A reader asks: Who is resettling refugees in North Carolina?

These NINE leftist national SCAM agencies and their “HUNDREDS” of local minion offices need to be stopped/halted/fired/deported–whatever the F*^K it takes!!!!
America should NOT become the nest for the entire Third World which is the plan of the globalists. In order for the globalist plan to succeed, america MUST be destroyed! With America gone there will be nobody else to lead. America is the very last place of true freedom.
Here is a review of the book Agenda 21–read it and weep for your children:

Refugee Resettlement Watch

And, part 2 of reader Robert’s question was: How can I find out where those Aussie detainees will be placed in my state?

Robert’s question was in response to this post:

Flight glitch causes some delay as Australia’s rejected ‘refugees’ head to US

I’m glad he asked because it reminds me that there are so many people reading RRW now who haven’t been with me for the last almost 11 years and so they have missed information previously posted.

First, a reminder that at the top of RRW (under the header) is a page entitled: FAQS! Finding Stuff.  I think most of you will find something useful there. And, if you are just relying on e-mail notices about each of my posts and not coming to the blog, you are missing a lot.  (Even if you aren’t on twitter, if you come to RRW you will see…

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