Southern Poverty Law Center working to advance the establishment of Sharia Law in US

Back in the Cold War days we had Russians living here in America that passed for typical Americans. What exactly their job I don’t know, probably to help take down America from within…like the muslims are doing today.
The people at SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) pass for typical Americans, but they aren’t. They might have been born here but that’s the only claim they have to being Americans.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

That is about all one can conclude when you see the great lengths the SPLC is going to in one state—Idaho—to stop any legislation (through intimidation) that would confirm that in America, US law isthe law.

shariah_dearborn_michigan_fb The SPLC works for Sharia law supremacy.  What else can you conclude from their support of it in the US.

I have other things to get to, but I want you to see the SPLC tactics on full display here at their ‘Hate Watch’web page.

Any of us wishing to block the establishment of Sharia Law in America are haters, so get used to it, stand proud against those, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and the SPLC, who wish to see it established in America!

See all of my posts on Idaho, a state they are rapidly changing by changing the people, by clicking here.

SPLC posts are here

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