Israel set to deport African economic migrants, Canada says wait (they want more)

When will the First World (so-called civilized countries) wake up to the FACT that the Third World needs to learn to have FEWER BABIES, and how to take care of itself.
If we keep feeding them and pulling them out of their “undeveloped” countries THEY WILL KEEP BREEDING AND PRODUCING MANY MORE BABIES THAN THEY CAN FEED AND TAKE CARE OF!
“WHEN” I ask will we figure this out?
Here for the umpteenth time is this “WAKEUP” post on the Third World:

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Canada is apparently the leading country to take off Israel’s hands some of the tens of thousands of Africans who entered Israel illegally. Israel says they are mostly economic migrants and not legitimate refugees.

Canada wants a bunch, so why they are dragging their feet isn’t clear.

And, readers, know that the US is taking some too.  I just checked data at Wrapsnet and it looks like we have taken 58 during this fiscal year as of January 31.

Here is the news at The Star:

Ottawa has reached a last-minute deal with Israel to suspend the deportation of asylum-seekers who currently are waiting for resettlement to Canada.

Israel refugees Waiting for a ticket to Canada?

Israel is set to begin deporting some 37,000 asylum-seekers, the majority of them Sudanese and Eritreans, in April after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government issued them expulsion notices.

The asylum-seekers, most of them deemed…

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