Maine: Battle over female genital mutilation bill raging

WTH is going on in Maine? It is beginning to seem (like in Europe where one country at a time is falling to islam) that the same thing is beginning to happen in America, one state at a time.
I’ll start with Maine, then New York, Virginia, Indiana, (Michigan, absolutely) Minnesota, (pieces of Texas and Arizona) YES, even Texas and Arizona, and for certain California and Washington state.
That’s ten states heading DOWN!
Lord! Even I didn’t know how bad it’s getting.
And it seems also that all (or most) MSM pays solid attention to the most hateful hate-group of all, SPLC!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Diversity is beautiful alert!

This is one of those great ‘fun’ political debates you will get to have once the population of Muslims, mostly from East Africa, ‘find their way’ to your state. 

Maine, especially Lewiston, is the Somali capital of the East!

The story at the Press Herald is long and detailed, but what you might see as a ‘no brainer’—-making it illegal to subject anyone to this form of abuse, or to take someone out of the country to have it done—isn’t a no-brainer for the Leftwing women and the Southern Poverty Law Center which oppose the bill.

Here is a bit of the story from the Portland Press Herald just to give you the flavor:

AUGUSTA — There are parts of the world where it has long been common for adult women to slice away girls’ external genital tissue in a bid to dampen their sexual…

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