Jewish groups disagree about Muslim migration to US; internal pact revealed

Well, thank God at least ONE Jewish organization appears to be at least a bit pro-American, and I have to wonder about Jewish groups who appear to be pro-muslim–WTH?!!!!
Be sure to go to the bottom of this post, it shows the 9 SCAM agencies and what part of their income is from taxpayers.
Lutheran Social Services is our local group and is right up there at 97%, and that’s just the federal share. Once the “refugees” get dumped here the local taxpayers have to take over, and it’s hard to believe the expenses that come out of the woodwork..
Some years ago a Fargo, ND petition circulated to stop the “refugee” flow. It failed. More recently a Fargo, ND city councilman dared to ask questions about what “refugees” were costing the local taxpayers. He too failed and got attacked from every direction.
Fargo is right across the Red River from minnesomalia and, I’m afraid, has caught the mental unbalance of liberalism.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

It seems that the fifty or so Jewish groups operating in the US have a secret pact to not speak ill of each other. However, that agreement seems to be coming apart as complaints involving the more conservative Zionist Organization of America (ZOA)have been filed.

One of those complaints appears (no one is revealing complete details) to involve a possible complaint by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society(HIAS) which is not happy with ZOA pointing out HIAS’s financial incentive to admit and resettle more Muslim ‘refugees’ to America.

Hetfield in DC synagogue Mark Hetfield, CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society speaking at one of many anti-Trump events he was involved in. See more on the schism among American Jews here:

(HIAS, for new readers, is one of the nine major federal resettlement contractors*** placing refugees as secretively as they can into your towns and cities. HIAS played a major role in…

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