South Dakota: Meet Taneeza Islam, your friendly Muslim (activist) next door!

This is one of those posts that irritate the hell right out of me. This Taneeza Islam is one of the muslims known as an UGLY MUSLIM, the kind who dresses and acts like a normal American but will lie to the infidels with a straight, convincing, face.
there are three classes of muslims, the good, the bad, the ugly.
The GOOD MUSLIMS are al quaeda, isis, hamas, boka haram, all the groups massacring people, doing exactly what their fake prophet mohammed told them to do.
The BAD MUSLIMS are those among us going to the mosques, listening to the imans, reading the koran but mostly not understanding what is said, but when the time comes they WILL join their brothers.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I wish I was tech-savvy and knew how to design a Bull S*** meter for stories like this one.

Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)/Muslim Brotherhood activist to speak in Huron, South Dakota on Sunday (April 15th) to assure all of you that there is nothing to fear from migration of Muslim political activists to the Great Plains!

She believes in meeting those who belong to “vilified” groups, she says.

That is so funny because, by intimidating the speaking venues, she actually shut down events in South Dakota a few months ago where speakers who disagree with her political views were scheduled to speak.  Wasn’t she vilifying them with her actions?

It would serve her right if the tables were turned on her and she was silenced! (But, we don’t do that because we believe in free speech!).

See my Taneeza Islam archive here.

From the Huron Plainsman 


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