Lutherans hire “transition” expert to get LIRS back on track

ONE BILLION taxpayer dollars annually, and that is just ONE of the NINE national SCAM agencies (over 300 local minion offices.)
And WTH is a “transition expert?” The words the left comes up with! Goodbye and good riddance, Linda Hartke, and may all you leftist blockheads disappear!
The new expert, Pat Nichols, you can disappear too and let LIRS (LIARS) just fade away.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Earlier this month Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service announced a transition CEO (you could call him a fixer) in the wake of the sudden departure of former CEO Linda Hartke.

Can he save the organization?

Linda Hartke Linda Hartke resigned amid internal turmoil.

Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbartreports the story here:

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), one of the nine voluntary agencies (VOLAGs)*** who, until the current fiscal year, have collectively been paid more than $1 billion annually by the federal government to resettle refugees, has named an interim CEO after the previous CEO, Linda Hartke, resigned abruptly in February.

Hartke’s resignation came after the completion of an internal investigation first reported by Breitbart News.

VOLAGs receive almost all of their funding from the federal government, with revenues tied directly to the number of refugees resettled. Refugee admissions have plummeted under the Trump administration, driving VOLAG revenues down dramatically…

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