Zogby: They are ready! “Muslim blue wave” going to the voting booth for Muslim candidates

90 muslims running for one office or another in 2018. THAT is NOW, folks, they have to be voted down. Hopefully the wave that brought king o into power has weakened.
I feel the most dangerous positions for muslims is the local schoolboards.
The next most important (and most dangerous) are the 13 muslims running in Michigan–Number 1 being Abdul El-Sayed, running for governor. Michigan is sinking fast as it is, a muslim governorship will finish the job.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This article at Financial Review reminded me of the story I first wrote in 2007 about a Frederick, MD Imam going to Saudi Arabia and reporting to the Saudis that they were ready then to elect 30 Muslim mayors by 2015.  It didn’t happen of course.

yayha hendi Imam Yahya Hendi and the man

This is what Imam Yahya Hendi said, as reported in a front page storyat the Washington Times, in August 2007:

“There are serious efforts being made among the second and third generation to become part of the political establishment. The challenge we face is in the media and from some Christian extremists who don’t want an Islamic presence in America.”


Mr. Hendi said U.S. Muslims were working on “nationalizing” Islam as part of the fabric of U.S. society, including cutting funding links to Muslim countries.


“Last year, we elected the first Muslim to Congress…

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