Ridiculous comments made on steps of Supreme Court yesterday

Ann really shines on this post–I love her wit!
Her last sentence absolutely nails this post: “…most of us want you all—in Africa and the Middle East—to take care of yourselves and then our military can stay home!”

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Ridiculous and ungrateful I should say….

Supreme court props Setting up their props at the Supreme Court yesterday. Don’t you wonder who pays for stunts like this!

(See my post yesterdayabout the Supreme Court hearing on the travel ban.)

Now, look at this headline from Talking Points Memo:

‘They Bomb Us, Then Ban Us:’ The Scene Outside SCOTUS Before The Travel Ban Case

And, then the reporter goes on to report from migrants to the US who would be better served putting their heads down and working hard to become good and gratefulAmericans.

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