Does America have a moral obligation to resettle refugees?

Gillian Friedman, just one of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of brand new liberal Social Justice Warriors recently-graduated from our many defuncting liberal colleges. Her BA is “RACE & ETHNIC STUDIES” and why do we even NEED such a class? Answer: to give these little SJW something new to complain/scream about.
Gillian, dear, how many “refugees” have you taken into your own home, or your parents’ home? None, I would bet.
Therefore I need to include this website post on WHY we must STOP taking from the Third World because it just makes conditions WORSE in the Third World.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

That is the question a young opinion writer asks and answers (in the affirmative of course!) in the wake of Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing on the President’s travel ban.

The long opinion piece in Deseret Newsby writer Gillian Friedman evoked a largely negative response by readers.  I especially got a chuckle out of this comment:

Screenshot (413)

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