Utah political operative urges Utahns to oppose Trump pick for refugee program head

What’s going on in Utah?
After reading this post I have to wonder if electing Mitt Romney in 2012 would have been such a good idea. I didn’t realize the viewpoint of the Mormons about immigration. Are they looking back at their own trip into America? Was it so bad that now they have to support the moslems?
If a whole state is against Mortensen (which of course is not true) then he MUST be the right choice to head the “refugee” program.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I told you the other day, that the Trump Administration is putting up Utah resident and former State Department Foreign Service Officer, Ron Mortensen, for the top post at the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. The position requires Senate approval and this is the beginning of what lies ahead for Mortensen on The Hill.

Holly Richardsen Holly Richardson wants Utah’s Senators to block Trump nominee to head refugee program

There is nothing of major significance in the opinion piece by Holly Richardson (it is the same old stuff used against anyone with Mortensen’s views), but we learned a few more nuggets about the Mormon Church’s open borders viewpoint and its welcoming attitude toward Muslim migrants.  And we learned more about Senator Mike Lee (once the darling of the conservative Tea Party movement in America).

From theSalt Lake Tribune:

The irony is thick. The very…

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