Under Trump, Muslim refugees from Burma (Rohingya) are numero uno

Look at the non-smiling faces on these people, especially the women. they are poor, crowded, probably hungry and have way, way, too many babies. One would think that after how many gazillion years the Third World has been with us–they simply cannot figure out their problems!
NUMBER ONE being too many babies!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I told you the other day that we had a slight increase in the number of refugees entering the US in the month of May.  The number is still way below what the refugee contractors*** need to assure that their federally funded budgets are flush with your involuntary contributions via Washington.

Today I checkedWrapsnet (FY18 data) for the Muslim refugee numbers and learned this:

The percentage of Muslims entering as refugees is way down compared to Bush and Obama years.  It now stands at 15% when it was approaching 50% under Barack Hussein Obama.

(Total admissions so far 14,321 and 2,184 are listed as Muslims of some sect or another.)


Rohingya refugees mostly women See my Rohingya Reports category with 224 previous posts:   https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/category/rohingya-reports/

…much to my surprise I see that Burmese Muslims (Rohingya) top the list!

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