Media “fact checks” Senator who said more than half of Muslims in Australia are not in the labor force

“…Cranking out babies.” How true, how true!
I will never forget the front page article in The Forum, Fargo, ND, “bragging” about getting their FIRST Syrian “refugee.” the family already had seven (Yes! Seven!) and the wife was certainly young enough to keep “cranking” them out.
More and more muslim babies, just one of the muslim plans to take over the entire civilized Western world–outbreed the infidels, get elected in high places, begin changing the rules, and, finally, TAKE OVER!!!!
Another story from Fargo, a friend told of the new muslim employee (with kids) and her husband was gone who knows where? Not working in Fargo, for certain. Not much later that woman employee quit her job.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Don’t you just love it when the Left leaning media pounces on a number given by a Senator they obviously despise, does a “fact check,” proclaims him “wrong” in a headline and proceeds then to reveal some facts to show that he was pretty darn close when he said 56% of Australian Muslims are not in the labor force.

Here is the story at ABC News Australia with some very interesting facts about the pathetic numbers of Muslims working in that country.  Conclusion: Muslim women (home cranking out babies) are dragging their numbers down!

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