A little housekeeping: You must sign up to receive blog posts and to post comments

Refugee Resettlement Watch

From time to time someone tells me that they can’t sign up to receive the e-mails that are automatically generated to RRW followers each time I post.

I got a request yesterday to sign someone up as a subscriber, so I thought I best explain the problem….

I don’t know enough about the technology that goes on behind the scenes with perhaps your own server, or perhaps with WordPress.  But, I want you to know that I can’t sign you up.  And, I can’t re-sign you up if for some reason you have stopped getting e-mails from RRW.

Ann SPLC art Visit RRW every few days! Why bother with subscribing?

In fact my subscriber list is virtually at a standstill and hasn’t been growing for months.

I have questioned WordPress about why people are dropped without warning, and they never have an adequate explanation.

The best thing to do is to just come…

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