The dark underbelly of refugee resettlement in the US—churches neglecting refugees, working with questionable landlords

Right! The dark underbelly of the “refugee BS!
#1 We don’t want our country filling up with muslim “refugees” although mostly mentioned here are Congolese–not especially crazy about our country filling up with Congolese either.
#2 If “Refugees” make here, to our country, and they do again and again, then these SCAM resettlement agencies have a DUTY to take care of them, at least treat them like human beings.
But I doubt these NINE national SCAM agencies do much–mostly they want numbers–dollars per head of “refugee.”
What pure BS!!!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

When I first began writing this blog in July 2007, one of the issues that attracted my attention was the puzzling decision by the Virginia Council of Churches, working for major resettlement contractor Church World Service, to place refugees in one of the worst buildings in the worst section of Hagerstown, MD.

cws logo

But, here we are 11 years later and Church World Servicehas placed Congolese refugees in Greensboro, NC in housing that is managed by a company that has a record of many years of troubling business practices.

I’m sure CWS rejoinder is—well give us more taxpayer money and we will get them nicer apartments. 

And, I say, this was supposed to be a public-private partnership, so how about you, CWS, raising private money from your churches to help these Africans you placed (so that North Carolina meatpackers could have cheap compliant labor)!

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