More of Australia’s rejected migrants headed to your American city

If Rintoul is going to cry about one suspected suicide why doesn’t he just take those people home to his own house? I seriously doubt that the people of Nauru are “mourning” that death. More likely they don’t give a damn.
To Rintoul: “Teach these people to take care of their own damn countries and stop keeping their women constantly pregnant!”

Refugee Resettlement Watch

It has been quiet for awhile—months I believe—since we’ve heard of another shipment of Australia’s rejected asylum seekers to America in that dumb deal Obama made and Trump is continuing.

Manus island detainees Some of these men are your new neighbors!

Unlike feckless European leaders, Australia’s government at the time, rightly and successfully, blocked the arrival of migrant boats about five years ago and apprehended those trying to break in to the country.  They were packed off to offshore island detention centers and efforts were made to get them to return to where they came from.

Most didn’t, and Obama rode to the rescue and said, sure, send these ‘refugees’ to America. 

(Readers, this is a completely unorthodox and possibly illegal use of the Refugee Admissions Program.)

None had arrived yet when Donald Trump first set foot in the White House, so he could have (should have!) stopped the airlift before it began. …

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