Pope and World Council of Churches to hold conference on xenophobia, migration, and populism

Should be good, a meeting of the Marxist World Council of Churches and the muslim non-pope.
BTW, Church World Service (one of the NINE national SCAM agencies for “refugees”) is a member of WCC.
All these people and their groups are fully membered of the new world order elitists planning (and moving quickly ahead) the destruction of the civilized world.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This should be fun to watch!

WCC logo

The Marxistsat the World Council of Churches and Pope Francis think they are going to bring the world together in harmony and love with a conference in September on defeating xenophobia and the menace of political populism (just as a major power shift fueled by populism is sweeping Italy).

Maybe they would get a lot farther in bringing peace to the world if they cut out the insulting languageā€¦.just saying!

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