Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society: Send $$$ so we can continue to fight the Prez and work with Islamic Relief

These idiot “Hebrews” speak of “millions of families” as if they think America should just open wide her arms and take in every member of the Third World–to hell with FIXING the Third World! America can just take in EVERYBODY!!!!
This HIAS SCAM outfit is begging people to all send a tax-deductible $35.00 today to help them fight Trump.
“Tax-deductible” that way the taxpayers get screwed twice!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I told you again about the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) here the other day.

They are one of nine federal contractors receiving millions of your tax dollars annually, AND they were a lead organization suing the Trump Administration over the travel ban.

Raising private money is a good thing, but….

Why should we be required to pay for more than half of their budget for their pet projects (including working to encourage more migrants to cross the US border) as outlined by their President and CEO in an appeal for funds today:

Screenshot (1325)

Screenshot (1327)_LI In case you didn’t know, Mr. Hetfield makes an annual salary of over $300,000!  If private donors want to pay that salary that is their business, but taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for any of it!

Let them raise all of their funding from private donations!

Ask your members of Congress and US Senators over the…

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