Highly anticipated EU “deal” on migration is a nothing-burger!

Most of these European leaders are jokes. Look at the picture with the main two jokes. And will anyone listen to Hungarian PM, Orban? Doubtful.
About the invasion, notice that we mostly see men, leaving their women back home to keep producing babies as their men return to keep them pregnant.
Africa will NEVER sort out its problem until they delete all tyrants and stop producing babies, babies and MORE babies.
One last thing, something for America and Canada to consider: As Europe becomes Africa and bursting at the seams with their new population of half-breed ignoramuses (consider the Kalergi Plan which is definitely underway in Europe) that new population with then look further west to stream into.
If we think the boat brigade crossing the Med is bad wait until its ships crossing the Atlantic coming here.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Because I’ve been telling you in advance about the pow-wow in Brussels yesterday about the migrant invasion of Europe and what the EU will do about it, I’m compelled to give you an update of the disappointing results.

They talked and talked, indeed they talked all night, and came up with what the NY Timeseven says is a ‘deal’ with “sketchy” details.

Aquarious cargo Migrants on the “Aquarius” turned away by Italy precipitating the EU’s latest migration crisis TALKS.

The UK Expresssays it all in its headline:

EU Summit FUDGE: Merkel STILL not safe as vague immigration deal DOESN’T solve issues

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