Merkel’s government on brink of COLLAPSE blares headline

In full agreement with Ann.
Yes, I would love to consider Europe’s problem as JUST Europe’s, but it’s NOT. It certainly is a preview of what’s coming here IF we allow the party of TREASON to get its way–which is wide-open borders!!!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Remember the famous line from the Clintonistas: It’s the economy stupid!  No, it is immigration stupid! It is the issue of our lifetime, of the century and beyond.

Screenshot (562) Merkel lectured Trump in Canada last month. Sit down Angela!

We’ve been reporting on the trouble for the “world’s most powerful woman” for sometime. It is the trouble she brought on herself by opening Germany’s gates to more than a million invaders three years ago and thus creating a magnet for more illegal aliens who necessarily must travel through other countries to reach Merkel’s nirvana.

Merkel’s folly might now (finally) be due for a reckoning and hopefully will serve as a powerful lesson to all political leaders who have a hankering to invite the masses in to a first world country. Invite them and they will come.

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