Open Borders Left dominates Episcopal Church meeting

That “…Episcopal priest and ‘dreamer’” in the photo is in bad need of a diet of eating less.
This wacko bunch, Episcopal Migration Ministries, is 99.5% funded by you, the taxpayer, amounting to millions of dollars/year.
All NINE of these national SCAM agencies and their hundreds of local minion offices need to be fired!
Once again this link MUST be posted:

Refugee Resettlement Watch

It is Sunday morning, do you know what your church is doing?

dreamer Episcopal An Episcopal priest and ‘dreamer’ spoke in Austin, TX yesterday.  Rev. Nancy Frausto

In June of last year, we learned that Episcopal Migration Ministries,which is not a separate non-profit organization but is embedded in the Episcopal Church itself, is 99.5% funded by the federal government—that would be you, the taxpayer.

The church receives millions of dollars annually from the US Treasury!

So, as you read the following news, keep in mind that your money pays for political activities of the Episcopal church.

The church (one of nine federal resettlement contractors***) held a regular gathering of the faithful in Austin, Texas and Trump immigration and refugee policy was the ‘premiero’ topic of discussion.

What a surprise!

If you are an Episcopalian, you might consider finding another church (just saying!).

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