Refugee contractors begin political pressure to up refugee numbers for FY19; they want 75,000

In case there are people out there who don’t know, these NINE national SCAM agencies and their hundreds of local minion offices, are NOT good people. (Maybe some of the working employees are [I just found out one of my nieces works for Lutheran Social Services and she IS a good person.])
But the leadership does it for the MONEY. Most of the CEOs get 6-figure salaries, and up to 98% of that MONEY comes from taxpayers. The SCAMMERS get paid by the “refugee” head, so of course they want 75,000 in 2019.
Big industry gets cheap workers, democrats get new voters, and taxpayers get SCAMMED!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

We would sure like more in Kansas says refugee contractor—the International Rescue Committee (headed by moneybags Miliband).

Miliband in Manhattan The IRC is headquartered in Manhattan where Brit David Miliband is pulling down an annual salary of nearly $700,000 as he places third world refugees in the heartland.

Here is the first news I’m seeing of the nine refugee contractors*** beginning their push to pressure the President to increase the ceiling for refugee admissions for Fiscal Year 2019 which begins on October 1, 2018.

Long time readers know that the President sets a CEILING for admission sometime in September and “consults” with Congress, but Congress, although it has the power to dole out money, has in the past just let the President pretty much do what he wants to do.

By demanding a ceiling that they know is unrealistic for this President, they will use the President’s ultimate number (likely low) to bludgeon him…

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