Another Bhutanese refugee kills himself; ripping people from their culture sometimes is inhumane

Well, if my county suddenly was overrun with leftists/antifa/democrats and I “escaped” to a neighboring county “refugee” camp and “that” neighboring county was “still” as my county used to be (good, straight, religious and conservative) NO! I would NOT want to be forcefully sent to yet ANOTHER county more to the liking of the powers-that-be.
Until this post I hadn’t considered this but it’s very, VERY, true!
Maybe that’s why the world’s elitists want to kill off 85% of the world’s population: end of people, end of problem.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This story comes from Vermont.

I haven’t written about Bhutanese refugees in awhile. To date, we moved over 96,000 of the Nepali people (mostly Hindu, some Buddhists) who had been expelled from Bhutan to American towns and cities.

Go here for a post which gives a little of the background about the George W. Bush era plan to help the UN clean out its camps on the border of Nepal. It was supposed to be a joint effort with many other countries, but of course we took the vast majority of them.

We said we would take 60,000 beginning in 2007, but as is always the case, we go way beyond what we told the public we would do.

Here is where they were distributed in the US (from Wrapsnet):

Bhutanese numbers

Bhutanese numbers 2

We have also reported on many previous occasions about the exceedingly high suicide rate in the US Bhutanese ‘community.’

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