Report: White House considering refugee cap of 25,000 for Fiscal Year 2019

25,000 “refugees” for 2019, which again reminds me of the sign: “DON’T FEED THE BEARS” In this case the “bears” are the NINE national SCAM agencies and their hundreds of local minion offices getting paid per head of “refugee” so of course they want hundreds more to place in RED states meant to turn them blue.
Plus there’s a backlog of 700,000 asylum-seekers who likely are mostly illegal, but they would get the same sweet deal as “refugees.”
The “refugee” act of 1980 is in desperate need of revamping, folks, “IF” you want America to remain at least a glimmer of her former self.
Let your people in Congress know, PLEASE!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

It begins…..

The annual negotiating about how many refugees the President should aim to admit to the US in the coming fiscal year, which begins on October 1 of this year, is underway.

But the difference between those machinations for say 2016 when the refugee resettlement contractors***, which are paid by the head to place refugees in your towns and cities, were pushing for 200,000 and upand Obama set the ceiling for his final year at 110,000 and today demonstrate that the President, who ran on reducing the numbers, is keeping his word.

donald-trump-stephen-miller Stephen Miller has been with the President since early in the campaign. I had a laugh just now. When looking for a photo for this post I see that the vast majority of Miller’s media photos show him with a scowling expression on his face. 

The contractors have already staked out 75,000 as their top desired…

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