Don’t miss Conservative Review’s accounting of legal immigrants from Muslim countries admitted to the US since 9/11

The information in this post is one of those that keeps us from sleeping soundly. I will say it for the umpteenth time: yes, I’m sure there are many good muslims who just want to live in peace, but the moment there’s a muslim community there soon is a mosque with imans again brainwashing the “peaceful” people.
As long as a muslim calls himself/herself a muslim then he/she IS a muslim who will answer the call to jihad when it comes–and it WILL come, folks.
Just a matter of time and muslim numbers.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Daniel Horowitz has penned an excellent (and frightening) analysis of who is being admitted to the US through myriad legal programs (in addition to the usual refugee numbers that we know are way down in recent months).

Conservative Review(hat tip: Cathy):

Aimless fighting in Afghanistan — while we bring Afghanistan to our shores


Whoever thought of the strategy of sending our troops to referee Islamic civil wars on their soil while bringing their civil wars and terror financing to our own shores was brilliantly dumb.But that is still the strategy of the West in combatting jihad. The European countries are even worse than we are in importing the Middle East, but we are not that far behind. Meanwhile, we continue to put our boots on their ground and shoulder the burden of endless wars that would not affect us if not for our immigration policies.

Here’s a novel…

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