Syracuse, NY letter to editor: help me with Catholic Charities fuzzy math

Holy good God! First a photo of a Catholic church to become a mosque (encouragement, or what?)
Then a picture of What? Refugees? All but three waving the flag of their “old” homeland? That they brought WITH them?
Finally a picture of two women, the one on the left with an arrogant expression.
Sorry, but I have very little (if any) pity for these people pouring into America when they should be fixing their own damn country!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I’m happy to report on a letter-to-the-editor at because I had meant to post on the original article that generated this reader’s letter and never got around to it.

Letter-writer George Checksfield is referring to an article, here, in which we learn that the State of New York is plugging the “hole” created by lost federal revenue for Catholic Charities (from you really, the taxpayer). 

He wants to know why does a private group like this need taxpayer dollars to hold on to employees they don’t need.

holy trinity Syracuse In 2014, Syracuse’s Holy Trinity Catholic Church became a mosque and these Catholic Charities refugee pushers don’t even get what is happening to them.

The mainstream media rarely makes the connection clear to the average taxpaying citizen reading a story like this that there is a direct relationship between the number of refugees being brought in and Catholic Charities of…

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