US Catholic Bishops launch campaign to pressure Trump to admit large number of refugees

On and On and ON and ON…! The Catholic Bishops (the largest SCAN agency) wants 75,000 “refugees” for FY19. Of course they do! They get big money paid PER “refugee” head!
Link to the president in top right corner–please write and tell him what you think.
Thank you!
And now, once again I must share this link that PROVES there is NO hope for the Third World until they get their burgeoning populations under control. By feeding them they are encouraged to keep breeding and breeding and breeding!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This is one more in a stream of news stories about how the federally-funded refugee resettlement contractors are fighting for their lives as their budgets shrink under this President.

USCCB fy19 See the toolkit here:

It is no surprise that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops—the largest resettlement agency of the nine NGOs hired by the US State Department *** to place refugees in your towns and cities, is launching this campaign directed at Donald Trump.

For years, I have searched in vain to discover the numbers of refugees each of the nine resettles, but this article at least (thanks to reader Joanne for sending it) tells us that the Bishops must be number one!

“The USCCB, along with a national network of Catholic partners, has resettled nearly one-third of all refugees to the U.S. since 1980.”

As usual, no where in this appeal to parishioners do they mention that…

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