US Muslims coming together at ‘Super Eid 2018″ in big show of ‘unity and power’

Super Eid 2018 is on for tomorrow, Tuesday, August 21, 2018.
One very major part of the event is missing. The slaughter of animals. Oh, they say there will be a slaughter but not in the stadium. Great! So the citizens of minnesomalia don’t get to see what the hell they are allowing to be done to their once great state of Minnesota.
A quote from the post:
They (the muslims) are gooijng to “…make well-known the superiority of islam.”
THAT quote should wake up a few sensible citizens. Unfortunately there seems to be few “sensible” citizens living in minnesomalia.
Have they all left? Hmmm…, maybe.
Also, a leftist Christian organization with Marxist leanings called ISAIAH plans to be there and form a human chain to make sure no islamaphobes harm any “peaceful” muslims.
HMMM…, a leftist Christian group with Marxist leanings?
If there’s no bloody slaughter another muslim holiday will come off as just another downhome celebration.
So way too many Americans ca keep drinking the Koolaid.
THIS is what they do, folks, they are fakes and they lie.

US Bank Stadium west facade US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Minnesota Vikings’ US Bank Stadium seats 65,000 people for pro football but the state’s imams are hoping to fill those seats with 50,000-plus Muslims chanting “Allahu Akbar!” on Tuesday, Aug. 21, in celebration of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Ahda.

While the size and scope of the “Super Eid 2018” celebration is described by Muslim organizers as “unprecedented” for this country, it has attracted little media attention.

Eid al-Ahda is one of the most important Islamic holidays and literally means “Festival of the Sacrifice” in Arabic. It involves the ritual slaughtering of domestic animals, typically goats or sheep, although stadium management has promised a group of concerned citizens in Minnesota that no animals will be killed inside the stadium.

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