#Welcome75K refugees campaign off to a slow start

According to my recent reading (online is such a good teacher) America welcomes 1,000,000 new immigrants per year.
That’s enough!
We don’t need the islamic-run UN telling us how many more “refugees” we need to take and from what countries. That’s the way obama’s state department worked (in tandem with the islamic-run UN.) President Trump is trying to make changes there but it’s taking time, plus he has to keep hearing BS like this!
Those NINE national SCAM agencies and their hundreds of underling offices should all be fired!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

What is that you ask? 

It’s a Twitter hashtag campaign launched by something called ‘We are all America’to pressure the President into succumbing to refugee industry demands for a ceiling of 75,000 refugees for your towns and cities in FY19 (which begins in a little over 5 weeks).

By the way, the Left loves to do this, and they have the money to do it!  That is, create campaigns to make it look like their views are in the majority and thus they have all the power. Don’t be fooled.

I will grant that, although the hashtag campaign began only about a week ago, you would think they would have more retweets considering the supposedly vast number of supporters refugee advocates claim to have.

This tweet below has only garnered 4 retweets since the 15th.

we are all america tweet

Here is a screenshot of the key organizers of ‘We are all America.’


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