A reminder about my rules on comments

Refugee Resettlement Watch

First, I moderate comments and sometimes I’m very remiss in getting to them, and for that I apologize.

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A friend just now alerted me to the fact that she had commented a day ago and I hadn’t posted it.  When I went to look for her comment I found about a dozen others that I missed somehow yesterday.  Were they even there yesterday when I last checked?

Also, I screen-out comments that threaten violence to anyone.  I also try hard to screen out comments with foul language.  That is difficult to do sometimes because an otherwise excellent comment might have one common swear word that I let go in order to not lose the whole comment.

If you send a link as your comment with no explanation as to how it fits my post, I often don’t post those because I haven’t the time to go to the link to…

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