Italy: Ship stalemate ends as Ireland, Albania and the Catholic Church! agree to take the illegal migrants

But they keep taking them, which just sends a message that they can keep coming and coming and coming–and that “coming” is meant in two different ways.
So when husband/boyfriend/whatever comes back to (in this case Eritrea) he can again impregnate his wife/girlfriend/whatever and the overpopulation of the Third World can just go on and on and on…feed them and give them free stuff and they will keep coming–exactly what the elitists of the new world order want–THE KALERGI PLAN IN FULL ACTION!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

“The next ship can turn around and go back where it came from because our limit has been reached!” 

(Matteo Salvini, unbowed)

See my previous post on the stalemate here.

And once again a photo worth a thousand words as anyone dealing with the migrants wears protective clothing/masks.  See here.

Screenshot (1374) Some of the migrants were found to have Tuberculosis

Now this from Reuters:

Italy disembarks stranded migrants, Salvini under investigation

CATANIA, Italy (Reuters) – Italy on Sunday disembarked all 150 migrants from a rescue ship that had been docked for five days in a Sicilian port, ending the migrants’ ordeal and a bitter stand-off between Rome’s anti-establishment government and its European Union partners.

The migrants, mainly from Eritrea, had been stranded in the port of Catania since Monday because the government refused to let them off the boat until other EU states agreed to take some of…

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2 thoughts on “Italy: Ship stalemate ends as Ireland, Albania and the Catholic Church! agree to take the illegal migrants

    • Yes, JMHistory, there’s all kinds of crap moving across borders and not just Italy. That’s just ONE of the reasons these people should be cared for in their own damn countries.
      (I suppose I didn’t have to day “damn” but I did.)


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