Security ‘specialists’ and Open Borders activists argue that Trump is doing TOO MUCH vetting of refugees

How do these leftist losers dare call themselves security “specialists” and why in hell do they want to over-F*^King-load America with the Third World?
It’s all about money, folks. Our great president is hurting their till-now great business of per head of “refugee” payments.
I remember my childhood when I would take my bicycle and travel over my father’s farm trapping pocket gophers, the ones that produce large mounds of dirt over each of their many entrances, and those mounds caused all kinds of farm equipment problems.
I got paid $0.25 PER tail, for all that work. I liked the work and liked the little bit of money (late-1950s) but I didn’t whine for more gophers just so I could make more money.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

They claim the Trump Administration is intentionally slowing the arrival of refugees destined for your towns and cities by TOO MUCH security screening.

See my two previous posts this morning: Comey said (as recently as May 2017) that 300 refugees were being investigated for possible terror connections, here, and Trump’s FBI (Department of Justice) has instituted more rigorous screening, here.

But, the Open Borders Left is screaming bloody murder saying that the few refugee terrorists they know of don’t warrant extra screening measures being put in place primarily by the FBI.

Screenshot (1366)_LI Just a few we know of….circled is Uzbek Islamist and convicted terrorist who tried to kill a California prison warden in 2016. I will bet he isn’t even on the Leftists’ radar screen!

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