Naturalize NOW campaign launched by activist group, Trump slowing citizenship process they say

One more activist group to deport.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

npna logo

The National Partnership for New Americans claims that the Trump Administration is purposefully slowing the citizenship process for hundreds of thousands of migrants who are waiting to become US voters.

They charge that he is building a “second wall!”

Hereis what they say on their website:

In the last year, over 925,000 people applied for citizenship in the United States. For many, this was years after coming to this country in search of a better life, becoming an integral part of communities across the nation, learning English, working hard, and contributing to their families and the economy. The right to naturalize is a right as old as the nation itself and was envisioned by its founders, created by the Constitution, and codified by federal law. It has also long contributed to the diversity, richness, and strength of the nation.

Unfortunately, since the Trump administration took control of U.S. Citizenship…

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