Italy: Salvini tells UN ‘Human Rights’ honcho to bug off!

What Europe (and the world) needs are more men and women like Matteo Salvini. Italy has a right to protect its borders, its people, and its culture.
As for Michelle Bachelet of the islamic-run UN, I agree, she can “bug off!”

Refugee Resettlement Watch

michelle UN biddy UN Human Rights Commissioner and former Socialist President of Chile Michelle Bachelet wants to investigate Italy!

So here we have newsfrom Breitbart where the new Socialist head of the UN Commission on Human Rights says she is sending a team to Italy to ferret out racism by the government there in the wake of recent efforts (by the elected government) to protect its borders and halt the invasion of theircountry by Africans.

How dare she!

Well that is what Matteo Salvini said too!

Salvini Hits Back at UN as New Human Rights Chief Orders Probe into Italy ‘Racism’

Matteo Salvini has said he is considering cutting United Nations (UN) funding after its new human rights chief announced she is sending teams to Italy and Austria to investigate “racism against migrants”.

Salvini grim Salvini: why should we fund UN waste, embezzlement and theft? Why indeed!

Michelle Bachelet said in a…

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