German official: Civil war coming to Europe, Breitbart journalist reports

From the post: “…Apart from desperation to show itself in a good light to make amends for World War II and the Holocaust…”
I don’t buy that BS for a minute. What has happened to Germany is all on the shoulders of ms merkel and her elitist NWO/globalist/open borders buddies.
It probably WILL take a civil war to settle things…an event threatening our America too….

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Angela-Merkel-migrants-639762 (1) What has she done to Germany?

James Delingpole writing at Breitbart tells us why he thinks the unnamed German official might very well be correct.

No time to snip much of it, soread it all here.

Delingpole: ‘Civil War Is Coming to Europe’ Warns German Politician

“Civil war is coming to Europe,” a German city politician told me this week.

I shan’t mention his name – it was an off-the-record briefing and, anyway, in Germany there are penalties for this kind of frankness.

DelingpoleJames Delingpole

But he was only repeating what plenty of other people say in private in Germany where I’ve spent the last couple of weeks, soaking up the atmosphere, people-watching, gauging the public mood in the wake of Angela Merkel’s open invitation to perhaps three million immigrants – most of them fighting-age males from Muslim countries.

Three million is higher than the figure admitted by…

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