Ft. Morgan Meatpacker recalls 66.3 tons of beef after E-coli outbreak kills one, injures 17

When you buy meat (any food, actually) if it was “handled” by a muslim, please remember their REALLY questionable sanitary habits.
A question: is Cargill still hiring muslims? What about all the other giant meat processors? I’m afraid we know the answer.
Make Americans sick–is this part of the muslim brotherhood takeover plan?

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Yes, dear readers, this is the same Cargill meatpacker that paid Somali workers $1.5 million over an Islamic prayer break dispute (reported here just last week!).

Cargill plant The Cargill plant sits right at the edge of town

Here is the storyat the Denver Post:

Cargill Meat Solutions of Fort Morgan is recalling 66.3 tons of ground beef products following an outbreak of one death and 17 illnesses that were reported due to E. coli contamination.


Food investigators determined that everyone sickened had purchased raw meat at grocery stores supplied by Cargill, Machuca said.

The identity of the deceased person has not been released.


In a statement on Thursday, Cargill said all of the affected products have been removed from supermarkets. Food safety teams are reviewing the Fort Morgan facility and others “to ensure we continue to deliver safe food,” the statement said.

“We were distressed to…

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2 thoughts on “Ft. Morgan Meatpacker recalls 66.3 tons of beef after E-coli outbreak kills one, injures 17

  1. Not necessarily what THEY “want.”
    Big companies want cheap labor (meaning the workers will need welfare, etc. from the local counties.) That’s the fault of republicans and Chambers of Commerce.
    The liberals/leftists/democrats/open borders fanatics/globalists/NWO elitists want votes for the party of TREASON, aka democrats.
    The muslims are simple pawns that will be thrown under the bus when/if the above listed wins…which the American patriots are NOT going to allow to happen!


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