The nub of the problem: the African population is rising at an unsustainable rate

I’ve been screaming about Africa’s exploding population growth for a few years now, so I’m glad to see Ann Corcoran putting it out there too.
She mentioned the EU, UN, and African leaders DOING something about it. That would be good too, but I’m afraid it will be up to the African leaders…IF enough “honest” African leaders can be found.
As for the not-elected-by-the-people EU, they are the biggest chickens in the whole wide world and most Western leaders are doing exactly what the NWO people want them to do. In Western Europe the Kalergi Plan is unfolding rapidly.
As for the islamic-run UN, they likely see Agenda 21/2030 unfolding exactly as planned.
In the end–if America can stay free–it will probably be up to America to again lead the way in saving the world.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I guess you are shouting at your computer screen right now!  DUH! OF COURSE IT IS!

And, frankly, Europe, by allowing itself to be the pressure release valve for that expanding population is actually encouraging even further population growth there and in the Middle East.

Here is a picture worth a thousand words at Quartz.  It is to illustrate an opinion piece entitled:

We need to talk frankly about our rapid population growth in Africa if we want to beat poverty

No kidding and it better be more than talk!

Africans in car

You can read the whole thingyourself, but here is one small snip:

Based on current trends, Africa as a whole is projected to double in [population] size by 2050. Between 2050 and 2100, according to the United Nations, it could almost double again.

Once the migrant taxi serviceis stopped in the Mediterranean, the UN, the EU and…

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