Refugee arrivals picked up this month

Why are we bringing in ANY Rohingya?
I remember the 60 Minutes show a few years ago where the commentator was crying about the Buddhists being so mean to the rohingya.
That “crying” viewpoint spread to the State Department long ago, and thanks to obama appointees still being there the “crying” viewpoint is still there.
Thanks, obama, this great nation is so glad you are done causing damage–unfortunately you made sure your legacy would live on.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

It is what happens every year at this time.

The State Department pours refugees in at a much higher rate in the final month of the fiscal year, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that, with only a couple more days to go in this month, we are above the average admission rate for the previous 11 months.

Rohingya in Phoenix Rohingya refugees protesting in Phoenix.  979 came to the US this year. 109 were welcomed by the Trump State Department since September first!

Checking the data at Wrapsnet, as of this morning we are at 22,469 refugees admitted.

That is 2,570 more than we had on September first.

The average for the previous 11 months was 1,809.

Nevertheless, it is nearly official—and it will be official on Sunday evening—that this is the lowest number of admissions since the Refugee Act of 1980was signed in to law by Jimmy Carter.

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