Kansas City Somali family of nine wants Trump to let Dad in to US

Yes, certainly a propaganda sob story!
My first thought–How the hell did this woman get 9 kids without the dad being around? As Ann says, why wasn’t the dad with them in Kenya? Was he out beheading Christians maybe? That’s NINE!–NINE kids! Just ONE of the ways the muslims overwhelm a host country.
Sorry, but if this woman longs for her husband send her and her NINE kids back to him!!!!
Actually–NO!!!!–I’m NOT sorry!!!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Leave it to the refugee industry’s public relations apparatus to get a story planted in the Kansas City Starjust as Donald Trump arrived in the state next door for a rally for Kansas Republican candidates including gubernatorial candidate, a leading immigration control advocate, Kris Kobach.  One story is here.

(This Somali family lives in Kansas City, Missouri)

Here is the headlinewith the usual story line (family happy to be in America, only wish Dad was with them).

As Trump cuts refugee numbers, outlook dim for father to join KC Muslim family of 9

But, why wasn’t Dad with them and caring for them in Kenya (a safe country btw)?

welcoming Somalis in KC The family arrived from Kenya in 2017 to cheers from local advocates for more refugee admissions.       https://www.nwahomepage.com/news/fox-24/somali-family-of-nine-touches-down-in-kansas-city-mo/653945636

Somali refugee Sahra Hassan Absuge and her eight children today enjoy what they could only dream of two years…

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