First FY19 refugees arrive, mostly Africans distributed to 12 states

I’ve often wondered, “Did king obama give the islamic-run UN permission to tell our state department how many “refugees” to take and from what countries,” or how did that happen?
The fact of course, with us taking 1,000,000 regular immigrants per year, we DON’T need “refugees,” we absolutely do NOT need to try controlling Africa’s and the rest of the Third World’s overpopulation problem–they need to stop breeding and breeding!
I know! Lots of kids proves a man’s valor or something, but not if they can’t take care of them!!!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

We told you yesterday that President Trump signed the Memorandum (the Presidential Determination) capping refugee admissions for FY19 which began on October 1 at 30,000.

A total of 73 were admitted yesterday in the first group.

DR Congolese refugees truck In 2013, the UN asked Obama’s State Department to take 50,000 from the DR Congo over five years. More than 45,000 have arrived so far.  The Trump State Department is continuing their resettlement to American towns and cities.

The vast majority (57) are from the DR Congo.

As we previously reportedPresident Trump’s State Department is prioritizing Africans.

I reported here in 2013 that Obama told the UN we would take 50,000 from the DR Congo over five years.  We have surpassed 45,000 so far and I will keep you posted about when we go over the 50,000 Obama promised.

I have said repeatedly on these pages that we must get the UN out…

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