UN Migration Compact expected to say migration is a “human right”

Still another (outstandingly-good) reason to dump the worthless, islamic-run UN.
It appears obama raised his “very” UGLY HEAD about this in September, 2016, just one more raised middle finger in his goodbye wave that he was hoping would not happen–in fact, in September he probably was CERTAIN he wouldn’t be saying goodbye.
When his eulogy is written his name will be right up there with the top villains of all time, but worse, king o was all set for 1984.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

That would mean there would no longer be various migrant categories like refugees, asylum seekers, economic migrants and certainly no more illegal aliens.  If the UN-supported planners have their way, anyone can move anywhere effectively, of course, wiping out borders.

The last is what they have been after for eons.  No borders.

Free West Media explains from Berlin (hat tip: Joan):

UN will soon try to enforce open borders as a ‘human right’

German AfD MP Markus Frohnmaier says he is most disconcerted by the latest developments. Piled up on his desk, is a mountain of papers with the headers showing the logo of the United Nations.

UN logo

“Every MP of Europe, every MEP and even every mayor should be forced to read this”, says 27-year-old Frohnmaier, one of the youngest deputies in the Bundestag.

In September 2017, he was elected to parliament on the list of the Eurosceptic party Alternative…

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