Immigrants are registering to vote before becoming citizens

The CIS link I did not read. Way too long for me, but we all know that the left encourages illegals to do whatever they can to vote.
If illegals can get registered as easily as getting a license, then I’m pretty sure they’re voting too. Requiring a picture ID will not help (at least not right now.) That picture ID needs proof that a person is an American citizen. This is NOT 1984 but common sense.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

No duh!

Sorry no time to write much today, but I want you to have something to read, so have a look at a report at the Center for Immigration Studiesabout aliens voting.

vote here

Surely, you have all pondered the fact that as aliens of all stripes get drivers’ licenses, they can simply check a box and register to vote in the licensing process.

No one asks that they produce their citizenship papers at the DMV!

Remember it isn’t just illegal aliens!  Refugees and other classes of legal immigrant can easily do this even if they haven’t yet gone through the citizenship process.

And, don’t you wonder how many of those hundreds of thousands of recipients of Temporary Protected Status are acting like legal citizens and voting?

Here CIS tells us more, from yesterday.

Aliens and Voter Fraud

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