Subliminal Brainwashing

This documentary/movie is 1:40:25. I don’t expect many people will want to dedicate that much time. I spent 3 days about 15 minutes per time. I’m not going to describe it but here’s what I took from it.
Subliminal Brainwashing I believe is happening and has been for a long time, starting with the Beatles in the 1960s. Today look at antifa, college students, a large number of people in their teens to thirties, and a ton of older people. Focus on the kids first:
From the time they could sit up (and before) they have been placed in front of a TV screen and left alone, then came the video toys/games for toddlers, then music from radio to concerts. Finally the X-boxes, etc, what the kids could/did/do play for hours.
I’m saying the last three generations have been endlessly influenced with subliminal brainwashing to think and act in a specific way. Not everyone of course but the weaker-minded.
What about the adults? Again, the weaker-minded would be easier to manipulate. What adults? A big piece of the democratic party, the rinos of the GOP, many leaders and academics of the Western world. Macron of France, May of the UK, Merkel of Germany (she was brainwashed into Communism in Eastern Germany.) Likely the Western liberal leaders were hand-picked and maybe spent hours and hours getting brainwashed in front of screens.
Did the globalists do this, the NWO elite? Absolutely. Those people are nothing if not patient. The one-world government is not a new idea. They’ve been planning and doing for generations.
Our high-tech electronics/communications have speeded up their plans exponentially.
BTW, folks, I do realize I offering quite a conspiracy theory. If you have a different theory I’d like to know.

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