January 12th: next batch of Australian detainees headed to Any Town, USA

From the post: “Congress could move to stop this process, but they won’t. (They know that these ‘New Americans’ will not be placed near their homes!)”
Thiink about the poor supervisors and leading people who will have to deal with these “people.” (Not including the owners. THEY won’t even see them.)

Refugee Resettlement Watch

And, because of Trump’s ‘travel ban’ they will mostly be single men from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Rohingya from Burma and Bangladesh (countries NOT banned).

It has been almost a year since Donald Trump said that Obama’s deal was “dumb,” but we are going through with it anyway.  (See mydumb deal archive here.)

And, remember readers, that once these mostly Muslim young men arrive in your towns (unbeknownst to you), they won’t be detainees as they are on offshore Australian islands, but will be free and walking your streets.

australian refugees freedom They will be free alright—in your neighborhood!

As legal refugees they will get housing, food stamps, medical care and job counseling (Will they be good meatpacker workers? I doubt it!).

We learned two days ago thatmany have mental health issues due to long incarcerations in all-male facilities. (Costly mental health treatment!)

Here is The Guardian with the latest:


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Jewish refugee agency to begin closing resettlement sites

“…will he take a pay cut?” TAKE A PAY CUT YOU DEFILED WHATCHAMACALLIT! (Not sure ‘defiled’ is the right word there but it looks and sounds good.)
Ann you are making a difference, Girl!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

As I mentioned yesterday, when I reportedthat true-believer, Lawrence Bartlett, Director of Refugee Admissions at the US State Department, had been reassigned to Puerto Rico (voluntarily we assume), resettlement contractors*** are in a panic.

At Jewish Telegraphic Agency (hat tip: ‘badboylookout’) we learn that the State Department is in talks with its contractors about which sites to close—the smaller ones first.

(Go here to see HIAS sites near you.)

mark-hetfield-hias As CEO of HIAS, Hetfield makes an annual salary of $358,718 (doing well by doing good!).  Since there aren’t enough paying ‘clients’ (aka refugees) coming in, will he take a pay cut? 

This is a far cry from the heyday (Hillary on the horizon!) in mid-2016 when the State Department was reportedly working on a secret list of 40-plus NEW sites.

(emphasis below is mine)

(JTA) — HIAS, the Jewish refugee aid agency, will be closing resettlement…

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Director of Refugee Admissions at Dept. of State reassigned to Puerto Rico

Look at the spaced out grin on this liberal braindead, Lawrence Barlett.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Well this news answers a mystery swirling around the US refugee resettlement industry.

Where’s Larry?

bartlett with map In happier days, this is Lawrence Bartlett posing in front of a map depicting the hundreds of resettlement sites around the US. We once obtained that map, but are no longer able to find it. Where is the transparency?  Come on Rex Tillerson, get this information out to taxpayers!

Lawrence Bartlett, Director of Refugee Admissions is in Puerto Rico.  Of course the assignment could be temporary as that US territory is still not anywhere back to normal.

But his departure from the State Department Bureau of Population, Refugee and Migration, which reportedly is in a funk since refugee numbers are declining significantly in President Trump’s first full year running the program, may be more significant than it appears.

Here is Michael Leahy atBreitbartwith the interesting news:

A veteran State Department official who was…

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Refugees joyful about going home!

THIS is good news and proof that refugees should stay home and get protection there.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

“I am so happy for the chance to return. Even if we face challenges at least we will be in our home country, among our relatives.”

going home to Darfur Halima Ibrahim happy to go home!  http://www.unhcr.org/news/latest/2017/12/5a33b44c4/refugees-fly-home-darfur-security-situation-improves.html

The whole UN/US Refugee Admissions Program needs to be redirected to do this: Protect refugees close to their home countries and repatriate them as soon as possible.

The US is too quick to bring (expensive) refugees to the US for PERMANENT resettlement disrupting their cultures and disrupting American towns and cities.

From UNHCR News (Hat tip: Joanne):

SOUTH DARFUR, Sudan – Mother of six Hamila fled insecurity in Darfur a decade ago, seeking safety in the neighbouring Central African Republic, or CAR.

But this week, she was among more than 230 former refugees returning home on a UNHCR flights from a camp near Bambari.

“I am so happy for the chance to return to Sudan, especially for…

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Pinterest doesn’t like RRW

I haven’t seen one of these “things” ever, although free speech is definitely under attack.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Reader Steve tells me that web browser Pinterestdoesn’t send readers to RRW and sent the following to show the snub.   Do you depend on Pinterest in any way?  I don’t.

Although, I always welcome more traffic so as to educate more people about the intricacies of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program (because you have a right to know what is planned for your town with your money), I don’t run ads and so traffic isn’t a huge priority.

But, it got me thinking are any of you being blocked by any other sites that help internet users find more information?  Let me know if you get something like this when trying to reach RRW.  E-mail me at  refugeewatcher@gmail.com

Screenshot (91)

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More on the “dumb deal” to relieve Australia of unwanted migrants

From the post: “Deal gets dumber every time we hear about it.” I can’t agree more.
OH! And I really love this bleeding heart, Elaine Pearson. Human Rights Watch Australia.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This time it’s at the New York Times.  But, I am out of time to parse this latest news in any depth.

There are two things (among many things) I want you to take note of in this account.

elaine-pearson_03_web-bio Elaine Pearson, Human Rights Watch Australia: These men have acute mental health problems and need to be moved (to America?) ASAP.  Photo:  https://www.hrw.org/about/people/elaine-pearson

First, there is now a debate raging about whether Australia’s detained (failed) asylum seekers from countries now banned by the Trump Administration will be grandfathered in because the deal was first made by Obama in 2016 (and agreed to by President Trump!).

The star of this account is a Rohingya Muslim (most detainees are single Muslim men who tried to break into Australia by boat).

The Rohingya of Burma/Bangladesh are not on the banned list, so expect to see more of them entering the US (as other Muslims…

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Chobani gets big wet kiss from tainted real estate news outlet

To double up what Ann tells us, this invasion by “refugees” is certainly happening to turn RED states blue.
Not only do the food processors want cheap labor, but the Party of TREASON is desperate for voters

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Ulukaya envisions Twin Falls becoming the “Silicon Valley of food”…

The Leftwing media outlet that posted a big glowing report of the wonders Chobani Yogurt has brought to Twin Falls, Idaho is called ‘Curbed.’ 

I had never heard of it so I checked it out here at wikipedia and see it is a real-estate industry blog owned by Vox Media.   Curbed we learn was founded by one Lockhart Steele.  Not a household name you say.  Right, but he did get a bit of publicity back in October when he was fired from Vox in the great wave of exposed sexual harassers on the political Left.

(LOL! This was more interesting than the wet-kiss story about Chobani. Readers might remember that (exposing their bias) Vox had this to say about yours truly).



Lockhart Steele, Vox Media’s editorial director and former CEO and founder of Curbed Network, has…

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