Australian Socialists march, want detainees admitted to Australia

The mental disease of liberalism has become an INFECTIOUS disease and has spread worldwide.
As Ann said, “Maybe each of these naive women marchers could take one home to live at her house (and pay all their expenses!)

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Here is the latest news from downunder about those migrants being detained on offshore islands as Australia is (rightly) trying to deter illegal boats from arriving on its shores.

But, once again, why is Australia’s immigration policy going to become a problem for towns in America where these mostly Muslim single men (that Australia won’t admit) will be set free.

Maybe each of these naive women marchers could take one home to live at her house (and pay all their expenses!).

Screenshot (983).png Photo accompanying the Reuters story, note pre-printed signs apparently handed out to the “socialist” marchers!

From Reuters:

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Hundreds of protesters marched through Sydney on Sunday to call for detainees, being held in controversial centers for asylum seekers on remote Pacific islands, to be allowed to stay in Australia as a resettlement deadline approaches.

Canberra’s hardline immigration policy requires asylum seekers intercepted at sea to…

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Lancaster, PA where we are told that the Amish welcome one and all

Refugee Resettlement Watch

We are told that by the big German publication, Deutsche Welle which claims Lancaster is “dubbed America’s refugee capital.”

It is probably written to make Germans concerned about the migrant invasion of their homeland feel bad by encouraging them to think everything is sweetness and light in America (well, except for Trump!).

It is the same old story line….

Welcoming people

Welcoming mayor

Refugees supposedly contributing to economy

Kind-hearted ‘Christian’ resettlement agency

Worries that the flow is slowing

Evil Donald Trump


But, I am posting it as background for my next post (either later today or tomorrow).

Deutsche Welle:

As the US isolates itself under President Donald Trump, one rural town in Pennsylvania keeps rooting for refugees.The Amish and Mennonite communities of Lancaster County say “refugees welcome.”


Mayor Rick Gray Mayor Gray has presided over the huge refugee build-up in Lancaster since 2006.

Lancaster Mayor Rick Grayexplains…

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Guest column: Unlikely that today’s refugees will be like yesterday’s self-reliant immigrants to America

Can’t agree more:
Today’s “refugees” are totally NOTHING like yesterday’s immigrants. The left loves to throw that around, that today’s “refugees” are normal immigrants.
They (the muslims) are NOT!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Reader Bob Enos sent us his thoughts after reading Ms. Wolfe’s paean (in Foreign Policy) to grandpa (in which the author takes the opportunity to, like all good Leftists, use hot button words to describe RRW).  See my post herewith a link to “journalist” Lauren Wolfe’s opposition to the idea of “assimilation.”  (You may be able to get the Foreign Policyarticle the first time without registering.)

Enos tells us this:

The article penned by Ms. Lauren Wolf – a New York liberal presumably of Russian Ashkenazi Jewish extraction – for Foreign Policy magazine was yet another piece of revisionist history designed to obscure a 27 year-old change to immigration policy that the American public neither understood nor asked for.

In her fantasy depicting Russian Jewish immigrants as ethnic culturists fiercely holding on to cultural identity in contrast to the American “melting pot,” she conveniently omits the major…

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Uptick in Mediterranean rescues as more attempt to get to Europe from Libya

The BS just keeps stacking higher.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This time it is a German ‘rescue’ ship bringing what they describe as many “unaccompanied minors” to Sicily.

libyan boat people Photo from this story in The Independent. “Unaccompanied minors?” Or, perhaps ‘Unaccompanied men’ would be a more appropriate description.

Here are a couple of commenters to the article at the Malta Independent:

Screenshot (979)

Here is a bit of the same old story:

Some 600 migrants rescued at sea arrived Friday in Sicily — one of the biggest influxes since Italy struck a deal with Libyan authorities to limit migrant smuggling — raising concerns of a renewed surge on the Libyan human trafficking corridor.

Valeria-Calandra President of the German “rescue organization.”

The migrants, including many unaccompanied minors from sub-Saharan Africa, were rescued in seven operations over 36 hours, and transported Friday to Palermo by the German non-governmental organization SOS Mediterranee.


SOS Mediterranee President Valeria Calandra told Sky TG24 that the renewed instability in…

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Comment worth noting from St. Cloud, MN

An outstanding comment sent to An Corcoran’s website.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Editor: From time to time I post comments more prominently that I think are important but would get little notice otherwise. This is a comment I received about my post two days ago, here.

From St. Cloud Guy:

I have lived in St Cloud for a long time and I can’t believe how fast the city is going down. The housing market in St. Cloud is falling way behind all the surrounding cities because of the excessive refugee population. Also the schools have become some of the worst ones in the entire state of Minnesota. The Star Tribune estimated over 30% of St Cloud Apollo High School is Somalian now and the other high school St. Cloud Tech has a larger refugee population in its area. They have only been coming to St. Cloud in large numbers the last decade and a half. What will happen in another 10…

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Open Borders bigwigs to descend on Boise, Idaho

“Turning RED states blue” Yep, that’s the whole point of this muslim “refugee” invasion.
Oh yeah, there’s a few regular immigrants coming too.
People of Idaho, like a year ago, you need to stand your ground.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Later this month leading refugee advocates/Dems will attend a two-day confab in Boise, Idaho in hopes of generating support for illegal alien amnesty (the DACA kids) and to push for more refugees for Idaho and other states they are working to transform (turning red states blue!).

Idaho protest This time last year, Idaho citizens demonstrated (in Boise) against more refugees being placed in Idaho.

Here is the announcement published at Boise Weekly from the Frank Church Institute(emphasis is mine) Hat tip: Joanne:

The Trump administration recently unveiled yet another travel ban restricting certain individuals from mainly Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. In a time where the refugee migration worldwide has reached near World War II levels, these bans have proved to be highly controversial and have sparked much debate across the country. The Frank Church Institute plans to continue the debate at the 34th annual Frank Church Conference—Monday…

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New Yorker mag describes how Trump Admin set the 45,000 refugee cap for FY18

Refugee Resettlement Watch

The first story I read this morning has got my blood boiling! Not because it is one more blast at Trump, or at Stephen Miller (he can take care of himself).

And, although I have now learned more about the secretive process thanks to the leakers (the blabbermouths!), what has me steamed is that the Trump Administration clearly still has many people throughout government (the State Department!) and in the White House who are not loyal to him and are so willing to dish the dirt on his Presidency.

Whose fault is that?

It is Trump’s fault for not placing enough of his own people in leadership slots—people who would be loyal and keep the bureacrats in check.

Trump shrug Was he even paying attention?

Indeed the US Refugee Admissions Program in the State Department is still being run by career bureaucrats who saw Obama’s fantasy 110,000 refugee ceiling last year as…

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