Lastest migrant ships stopped by Italy, Italian PM calls on other EU countries to take them

Just wondering if anybody invited these migrants/”refugees”/whatever they are to come to Europe
I don’t think they were invited.

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Invasion of Europe news…..

He is calling their bluff!

Other European countries agreed just recently to share the burden with an invasion weary Italy, let’s see how many keep their word.

Italian Coast Guard ship Diciotti with migrants arrives in Trapani Some of the latest batch of African men ‘rescued’ at sea.

So far Germany, France and Malta have agreed to 50 each which means 300 (of the original 450) are still in limbo.

I was looking for any mention of where the 450 are at right now.

Let me know if you see that important bit of information.

From The Local:

France, Germany, Malta will take 50 rescued migrants each: Italian PM

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White House aide fired after reportedly clashing with Stephen Miller over refugee numbers

Going fully along with Ann on this one.
If the Deep State wanted Jennifer Arangio then WE certainly don’t/didn’t.
Escorted to the door–YES!!!!

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“This is a disaster for the bureau. She is really a good ally.”

(Anonymous State Department official)

That quote above is all you need to know!  If the Deep-staters at the US State Department consider her an ally, then she needed to go.

stephen miller serious She reportedly butted heads with Stephen Millier

As I’ve been mentioning, this is the time of the year when Administration wrangling over refugees really begins to heat up.  That is because the President submits his determination to Congress in September in which he tells them how many refugees and from where they will come when the feds begin to admit the next batch of refugees for the next fiscal year (FY19 begins October 1).

Itold you herethat State Department resettlement contractors want 75,000 in the coming year. It looks like this year will barely break the 20,000 mark setting a record for the least number…

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Trump to Europeans: You are losing your culture!

Trump speaks his mind, and in doing so he is giving the rest of us “permission” to do the same. And our girl, Ann Corcoran, sometimes really shows her stuff.
I really LOVE her very last paragraph in this post.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I was telling a reporter just yesterday that perhaps one of Donald Trump’s greatest gifts to us is that, with his penchant for speaking his mind, he gives us permission to say what we believe in our hearts, but may fear saying.

So here he is in the UK speaking frankly to The Sun, as reported by The Hill:

Trump: Europe is ‘losing its culture’ because of immigration

President Trump is railing against what he described as the migration of “millions and millions of people” into Europe, declaring that the continent is “losing its culture” to refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa.

In an interview with the British tabloid The Sun published Thursday, Trump said that it is a “shame” that European leaders had allowed so many migrants to enter their countries’ borders.

President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Great Falls, Mont.

“Allowing the immigration to take place in Europe is a shame,” the…

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Minnesota gubernatorial candidate says he will withdraw state from refugee program

“If you have a week…” Ann sometimes is so funny 🙂 !!!!
Minnesota is way too close to me, right across the Red River of the North

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It is a good campaign message, but in reality will get MN no where.

How quickly people forget that in the last few years three other Republican governors made a big show out of withdrawing their states from the federal program (Texas, Kansas, New Jersey) and of course they still get refugees with Texas presently being the top ‘welcoming’ state in the nation.

st_cloud_somalis Somali population in St. Cloud and elsewhere in MN is increasing.

As they did with those states, the US State Department will simply turn the whole resettlement plan for the state over to a non-profit (contractor) group to manage.  (The Tennessee case is on appeal and if by a miracle, TN wins, then that strategy could go up in flames for the feds.)

Don’t get me wrong, there are political considerations for Mr. Johnson as he is up against former governor Tim Pawlenty in the primary, it…

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Russia entertaining idea of inviting persecuted white South African farmers to relocate in Russia

Responding to Ann’s comment: “The islamic-run UN NEEDS to be turned upside-down!”
Kudus to Russia–YES!
All the White people should leave South Africa NOW!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

We have written on this topic on many previous occasions.  The Rainbow Nation (South Africa) has been experiencing xenophobic and racist violence for years.


The most bloody violence has been directed at the landowners who farm the land (and incidentally feed the population)!

Readers should know that the US (so far) has not invited the persecuted farmers to America, but we do admit hundreds of ‘refugees’ a year from South Africa.

We resettle Somali and other Africans that South Africa rejects.  So much for the Rainbow Nation myth!

And, by the way, I haven’t heard any clamor from the US refugee industry/contractors to add South African whites to our refugee admissions for the coming year.  Why is that?  Could it be that it doesn’t fit the meme—only people of color are persecuted, never the other way around!  Think about it! Admitting such a thing would turn the whole UN upside…

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DOJ website lists cases of immigration fraud, check it out!

This post is no surprise, but why hide it? Especially if attorneys are breaking the law it should be published far and wide!

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Reader Cathy alerted me to this page at the US Department of Justice website.  I had never seen it before, but I will be checking it regularly from now on.

Go to the Department of Justice,here.  Then in the search window type ‘immigration fraud‘ and up pops some juicy bits of news you probably never saw in the media.

Here is a screenshot of a small portion of the page this morning:

Screenshot (573)

By they way, I have a category for ‘where to find information’ with 638 posts in it.  You might want to see what is available there when you have a few minutes.

This post will be archived there.

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South Koreans do not want Muslim refugees, say their Prez should be more like Trump

The South Koreans want their culture to remain South Korean–GOOD FOR THEM!
From the post: “They aren’t refugees, they are able-bodied men…” as so many describe the worldwide muslim invasion.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I missed this story about ten days ago, but thanks to reader Joanne for sending it.jeju island

It is from Bloomberg, and isn’t a surprise to me.  Japan takes virtually no refugees because they see what is happening in Europe and the US, and because they want to maintain their own culture.

So, no surprise that this Asian country doesn’t want to roll out the ‘welcome’ mat either.

They aren’t refugees, they are able-bodied men say locals on tourist-friendly Jeju Island. 

‘Fake Refugees Get Out’: How South Koreans Are Channeling Trump

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