Look to Europe to fully comprehend why the US must build the wall

Referring to Ann’s final sentence–the islamic-run UN REALLY does NOT want to do a THING to help the migrants, because elsewhere in her post she admits that the migrants are merely “pawns,” doing what the NWO/globalists/open border fanatics, and others want:
The one-world government, but first destroy the First World and ALL civilization.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Frankly, I was surprised to see a story with this headline at Fox News (the headline and the story sound like something CNN would feature).

Europe’s migration ‘fixes’ trigger disgusting humanitarian crises

It is about the difficult conditions in detention facilities featuring especially a Greek detention camp on the island of Lesbos, but the Fox reporter seems to have swallowed, hook, line and sinker, the international Left’s talking points.

Lesbos camp Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos:  Build the wall before we get to this stage in America!

Europe’s migration crisis, where hundreds of thousands from the Middle East and Africa have swarmed toward Europe, many claiming they should get refugee status (the asylum scam!) when most in fact are economic migrants, has become the number one issue threatening the very survival of Europe, the birthplace of western civilization.

See this migrant crisis news just this morning:


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AG Jeff Sessions carrying out Trump immigration restriction agenda

AG Sessions–YES!!!!
Some good news here

Refugee Resettlement Watch

….and boy are the Leftwing Open Borders agitators steamed!

Former US Senator and now Attorney General Sessions, who you will recall got on the Trump train in the earliest days of the campaign, is quietly carrying out an immigration restriction agenda at the Justice Department and in the courts.

The primary reason we elected this president in the first place was to get immigration under control and Sessions is doing that!

Trump and Sessions 2 If the President foolishly pushes Jeff Sessions out of the Justice Department, the Senate will never confirm a replacement who would carry out the immigration control agenda that Sessions has undertaken.

Yesterday, I told you about the asylum scam, here, and today we bring your attention to Mother Joneswith this headline:

Sessions Is Poised to Make It Vastly Harder for Asylum-Seekers to Get Out of Detention

A new decision from Attorney General Jeff Sessions is likely to…

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So what is this asylum issue the Secretary of State mentioned?

On and on and freaking on!
For my lead-in comment I’m including the Kalergi Plan, which is EXACTLY what the hell is happening, much worse in Europe but it’s happening here too, just under different rules not so easy to see, like this asylum BS.
There of course are people (leftists/NWO/globalists, ETC) who deny the truth, as always.
Thank God we have Ann Corcoran and the RRW website.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Several people have asked me about the statement made by Secretary of State Pompeo when he announced the Administration’s intentions of capping refugee admissions at 30,000.

Intelligence Chiefs Testify To Senate Committee On World Wide Threats

According to the New York Times, Pompeo mentioned a backlog of 800,000 asylum cases piled up in immigration courts and the NYT is quick to point out that the number is too high.

It is ONLY 320,000!

(And, remember readers that those waiting for their asylum hearing are mostly free to roam the USA, relatively few are in detention!)

See here:

“This year’s refugee ceiling reflects the substantial increase in the number of individuals seeking asylum in our country, leading to a massive backlog of outstanding asylum cases and greater public expense,” he added.

Nazanin Ash Nazanin Ash (left) speaking for refugee contractor the International Rescue Committee:  “In justifying its policy intention, the administration has pitted those seeking asylum against refugees.”

Mr. Pompeo said refugees had…

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Are the refugee contractors and their friends in Congress preparing to end-run the President on refugee cap?

If only the NINE national contractors were humanitarians–but they aren’t! They are greedy SCAM artists with hundreds of local minion offices!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I reported this morning that the Refugee Council USA (RCUSA), the lobbying arm of the refugee industry, was sounding pretty cocky about going for their 75,000 refugee cap for Fiscal Year 2019 which begins less than two weeks from now in spite of the President’s proposed 30,000 cap.

Intelligence Chiefs Testify To Senate Committee On World Wide Threats Will Secretary of State Pompeo’s legal team find and extract a sleeper amendment in the State Department Appropriations Act?

It is abundantly clear that the President has the power to set the cap (aka ceiling) under the Refugee Act of 1980.

(Indeed, it is also the case that there is no requirement in the law to admit any refugees.)

So what might make the contractors and their lobbyists make what sounds like a threatening statement:

We still have the desire, capacity, and resources to welcome at least 75,000 refugees to the United States in the coming year. And we will spend…

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Why I think a refugee cap of 30,000 was a bad decision

Yes, we need ZERO “refugees” until Congress fixes this hugely broken program.
Today I’m sending this post to President Trump along with my encouragement for him to lower the hammer on Congress.
And I’m encouraging hundreds/thousands of you to contact the president too.
He needs to hear from us: “Fix this broken program.”

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I’m going to try to be brief because faithful readers have heard this all before.

The President was going to be vilified if he had come in anywhere under the 75,000 the ‘humanitarian’ refugee industry was pushing for anyway.  (See Pompeo announces 30,000 cap here yesterday.)


He should have, in my opinion, halted the entire program until it was completely reformed. *

Simply cutting the numbers for a few years will do NOTHING. If the basic flawed structure is left in place the big contractors will simply hold out until Trump is no longer in office. They have already said so!

Yes, one or two of the contractors might go belly-up with a paying client number of 30,000 or less to be divvied up by the present nine contractors, but the giants, like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the International Rescue Committee, will survive.

Why do…

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Lobbying arm of the refugee industry puts out statement, says they will work toward their 75,000 refugees despite Prez

Ann is right. These NINE national SCAM outfits sound “menacing,” basically making threats.
The republicans need to start growing balls and fighting back!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I have no idea what they are talking about in the final paragraph of a statement put out yesterday by the Refugee Council USA(RCUSA) in response to the Secretary of State’s announcement that the CEILING (the top number that could be admitted to the US) will be 30,000 in FY19.  See my post yesterday,here.

rcusa with caption

Over the years we have written extensively about RCUSA, a consortium set up under the auspices of Church World Service, of the federal refugee contractors and other assorted ‘human rights’ groups to promote refugee admissions, organize demonstrations against this President, and to lobby Congress since technically the contractors are not permitted to use their federal dollars to lobby (see ORR letter below).

See my RCUSA file here, note that they joined CAIR to protest President Trump here.

And, don’t miss this postwhere I reported that RCUSA had hired the…

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Secretary of State announces refugee cap for fiscal year 2019—30,000!

From the post: “So, I guess Church World Service can get off its “pins and needles!””
I love Ann’s humor, and we–the world–really need it.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

So, I guess Church World Service can get off its “pins and needles!”

trump and pompeo 2 The President with Secretary of State Pompeo

It was only this morning that we reportedthat a Church World Service employee announced that there would be no CEILING (aka CAP) announced until December.  They sure seem to have gotten their facts wrong, or did they?

There will be much wailing from the usual contractor gang (they wanted the number to be 75,000!), but remember readers that we are under 30,000 this year—we should come in at less than 25,000. (Update: as of today we have admitted 20,919 refugees with only 2 weeks to go in the fiscal year.)

Here is the brief news posted a little over an hour ago at Politico:

Trump administration intends to slash refugee cap

The Trump administration will admit no more than 30,000 refugees to the U.S. in the…

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