Refugee resettlement is a major issue in several Minnesota races

Of course, new immigrants are good–and that’s the bottom line. America takes in 1,000,000 hew immigrants every year who have applied and done it the right way!
We don’t need any more basically unvetted “refugees!”
Especially no more from Somalia.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Three Republicans have said they will work to stop or at least curtail further resettlement to the state if elected.

From Twin Cities Pioneer Press:

Some Republican candidates want to suspend refugee resettlement in Minnesota. Can they do that?

Minnesota has welcomed thousands of refugees since the federal resettlement process was set in 1980. So why does a trio of key Republicans up for election want to stop the program now?

Well, it depends on whom you ask.

Jim Newberger, Jeff Johnson and Jim Hagedorn (Courtesy photos) Jim Newberger, Jeff Johnson, Jim Hagedorn

Jeff Johnson, Jim Newberger and Jim Hagedorn have each said they will ask the federal government to pause refugee resettlement in Minnesota if elected Tuesday. And they’ve each made it a key issue in their campaigns.

Johnson, who is running for governor, said he is concerned about how much it costs taxpayers, as well as high unemployment rates among Somali men.

Hagedorn, who is running…

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Pittsburgh paper: HIAS remains defiant in wake of synagogue murders

Refugee Resettlement Watch

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazettes headline is this:

Pittsburgh’s Jewish refugee resettlement agency, HIAS vow to continue work after threats, Squirrel Hill shooting

The story paints a picture of a ‘non-profit‘ group that is all about welcoming the poor and downtrodden to America, but never mentions the fact that it is more than 50% funded by US and state taxpayers many of whom do not share its open-borders views and would prefer their tax dollars be spent on America’s needy people.

HIAS received $186 million from taxpayers in the last ten years, here.  Its CEO is paid over $300,000 annually.

And, like virtually all mainstream media stories about the horrific attack on innocents, The Post-Gazette, mentions not one word about that fact that HIAS is paid to do its ‘good works’ by the US government.

As I said here.

It is fine and dandy if HIAS…

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UN Migration pact: Austria out, Poland and Czech Republic to follow?

I’ve heard about this latest BS from the islamic-run UN, but didn’t really ‘get it’ until now.
The islamic-run, worthless, UN is forcing NO BORDERS, which they and the elitist NWO people desperately want.
The NWO wants their one world government.
The islamic-run UN wants their Agenda 21/2030.
The two basically the same.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

That UN Global Compact for Migration could crumble as more countries signal they won’t sign the document in Morocco in December.

We told you about it here recently.  President Trump took us out at the very beginning and then Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban also said no way.

Sounds warm and fuzzy, so what is the problem?  Those who have studied the draft say it would make migration a human right.  In other words everyone would have a right to move wherever they wish.  There would be no more legal migration process.

From the liberal Irish Times(so they don’t clearly mention the real crux of the problem):

Poles and Czechs follow Austria and Hungary in rejecting UN migration pact

Anti-immigration leaders in central Europe follow US lead in opposing global framework

Poland and the Czech Republic are set to join Hungary and Austria in pulling out of a United…

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Where in the world did RRW go in October!

Good info.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Just now I was looking at stats for the month of October and realized I hadn’t reported in a very long time about where readers come from to get their refugee news.

Although only tiny numbers arrive here from more than a hundred countries and territories, here is a screenshot of the first part of the list (in descending order).

Of course, the US is number one with tens of thousands of visitors this month.

Screenshot (1505) Don’t ask me why the EU is listed as a separate country when individual EU countries are also listed.

Screenshot (1506)

This post will be filed in my category called simply blogging’and that is where you will find other information about RRW from over the months and years.

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Subliminal Brainwashing

This documentary/movie is 1:40:25. I don’t expect many people will want to dedicate that much time. I spent 3 days about 15 minutes per time. I’m not going to describe it but here’s what I took from it.
Subliminal Brainwashing I believe is happening and has been for a long time, starting with the Beatles in the 1960s. Today look at antifa, college students, a large number of people in their teens to thirties, and a ton of older people. Focus on the kids first:
From the time they could sit up (and before) they have been placed in front of a TV screen and left alone, then came the video toys/games for toddlers, then music from radio to concerts. Finally the X-boxes, etc, what the kids could/did/do play for hours.
I’m saying the last three generations have been endlessly influenced with subliminal brainwashing to think and act in a specific way. Not everyone of course but the weaker-minded.
What about the adults? Again, the weaker-minded would be easier to manipulate. What adults? A big piece of the democratic party, the rinos of the GOP, many leaders and academics of the Western world. Macron of France, May of the UK, Merkel of Germany (she was brainwashed into Communism in Eastern Germany.) Likely the Western liberal leaders were hand-picked and maybe spent hours and hours getting brainwashed in front of screens.
Did the globalists do this, the NWO elite? Absolutely. Those people are nothing if not patient. The one-world government is not a new idea. They’ve been planning and doing for generations.
Our high-tech electronics/communications have speeded up their plans exponentially.
BTW, folks, I do realize I offering quite a conspiracy theory. If you have a different theory I’d like to know.

Dozens of Australia’s rejected asylum seekers offered a ticket to the US, turned it down, see why…..

‘Nearly’ unbelievable, but I believe it

Refugee Resettlement Watch

They heard they would have to work in America!

This is another in my ever-expanding archive about that Obama “dumb deal” (honored by President Trump) to take 1,250 of Australia’s detained illegal aliens to the US as refugees.

Readers need to know that this whole scheme is outside the normal internationally understood process for dealing with asylum seekers and economic migrants.  Simply put:

Australia’s illegal aliens are not our problem!

Do we expect Australia to take some of those crossing our borders illegally now—of course not.  It would never happen.

Several hundred of the mostly single Muslim men have already been quietly placed in your towns and cities.  See here.

nauru refugees 2 Prospective ‘New Americans’ were apprehended over five years ago attempting to break in to Australia. They have been in detention ever since.

Thanks to reader ‘Father Jon‘ for alerting us to this jaw-dropping bit of news.


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1,830 refugees arrived in the US in first month of FY19, welcomed by 43 states

They just keep coming…but after the election who knows?
Can’t wait until we tell the islamic-run UN where to go!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

In the first month of Fiscal Year 2019, Trump’s State Department admitted its initial group of refugees, mostly UN-selected, toward its proposed cap of 30,000 for resettlement  this year.

They are being quietly distributed to approximately 170 towns and cities.

If the DOS kept this same pace, 1,830 a month, we would come in just under 22,000 for the year that ends September 30, 2019.   In fiscal year 2018, we admitted 22,491 as the final number. (These numbers do not include the thousands granted asylum each month or the Special Immigrant visa entries who mostly come from Iraq and Afghanistan and get the same benefits as the regular DOS refugees.)

Here (below) is where they went (from Wrapsnet).

Washington state gets the honor of being the number one welcoming state for the month.

Screenshot (776)Screenshot (777)

1,615, or 88%, came from 4 countries:  DR Congo (608), Eritrea (358), Ukraine (345), and Burma…

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